Hey! Say! JUMP news

Posted On March 31, 2009

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Hey, everyone who view my blog! Please comment this blog if you viewing it okay? I see in my dashboard status that there are many people who don’t comment this blog even they read it all~~ Hoo~~ I really really need that comment because it support me! You know, how many blog and much other ‘internet thing’ that i has to update? I still update this blog even i am tired! Please comment it okay?

Note: I post this entry very very very long time ago~ So, Yuto leg is fine now! Yeay! Sorry for the late update ^o^

Hwah, i don’t know that i will post a gossip to this blog -___- And now the language i use is English because i want all people (not from indonesia) to comment it!! (Even my english is bad >__<)

Nee, first, i heard that Takaki Yuya (Onii-san!) have a girlfriend (is a star too). And his GF is get fired when they know it~~

And, second… It’s more important than Yuyan news!!

Nakajima Yuto, from Hey! Say! JUMP, broke his leg!!

When they had a concert, Yuto did a wrong move and broke his leg (kawaisou Yuto!!)

And then, Hey! Say! JUMP did the concert without Yuto (Sob, Yuto!!)


5 Responses to “Hey! Say! JUMP news”

  1. diAen mae

    .,thiS newS iS reaL oR it’s only a joke..??
    .,ohHww mY gosh…!!
    .,i hoPe this news is noT true…=(

    • haradachi

      It isn’t a joke!!
      Yeah, this news even been on TV (Japan) during their interview.
      At that time, Yamada said, “He was get injured his leg because the fast growth.” (Yuto is high).
      Eh, sorry if my english is bad and confuse you -___-

  2. ryuriKa

    .,daiJobou..thankS for the newS..,is nakajima ok noW..??

  3. ryuriKa

    .,caN i asK you agaiN??if it’s oK..
    .,hoW can i put my pictuRE herE..??
    .,’couz i don’t knoW t do thaT..sorrY to disturB you..

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